Mongolian and international quality, compliant energy and mining equipment supply and installation, 0.4-35 kV power lines, sub installation and repair of the station and its test and calibration work service.

  • Installation of all types of cables and their support systems
  • Intermediate and end connection of power transmission lines up to 35kV (coupling)
  • Installation and testing of electrical, precision and communication signaling equipment
  • These mechanical works

Supply of Australian and Mongolian qualified personnel


Renewable energy

RJE’s point of difference and core strength as an engineering and construction company is our support and experience through being a global company and proven track record in the energy and renewables sectors throughout Australia and South East Asia.

RJE’s drive for innovative solutions led the company to implement IEC standards, on an unprecedented scale for power infrastructure. RJE is always looking to implement progressive solutions to give our projects and ultimately our customers a distinct advantage in an ever-changing industry.

Services throughout our global group of companies Pre-Feasibility, Conceptual Design, Power Systems Modelling, Detailed Engineering and Design, Product Specification, Product Supply, Modular Construction, Transport, and Logistics, Project Management, Construction, Commissioning and Testing.